CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Mark, originally from Robinson, IL, has been involved in sports and fitness as long as he can remember. He participated in basketball, football, cross country, and track in high school. He was particularly influenced by his track coach who helped a scrawny, under-talented kid realize that hard work could help compensate for a lack of raw talent. Mark’s success competing in track allowed him to develop skills in meeting personal goals within a group dynamic.

Following high school, Mark was part of the cross country and track teams at Eastern Illinois University. He was an assistant track coach at Southern Illinois University. Mark personally tried various fitness regimens in the years that followed, including some time as a bonafide couch potato.

Mark learned that he would be a first time father and decided to get more disciplined with fitness to be a better parent. He took a CrossFit class and was instantly hooked. The group camaraderie combined with the personal goals, fast-paced workouts, and emphasis on functionality was appealing. He completed his Level 1 CrossFit certification and began teaching classes occasionally while dreaming about opening his own box.

Opening CrossFit MTZ is a dream realized. Mark looks forward to helping anyone and everyone discover how to be more fit than they imagine they could be as well as how that fitness can have a significant positive influence in all areas of life.