Friday - 1/30/15

Friday - 1/30/15



Strict Pull-Up Progression

Group 1

The training of descending (negatives) will be most effective for you. It will develop your muscles and raise your endurance and strength better than assisted strict or banded pullups.

How to do negatives:
1. Stand on a stool and hang on pullup bar with your chin just above it.
2. Then step off the stool and descend slowly until your hands are straight.

You have to descend as slowly as possible.  Best results will be achieved by descending until your arms are straight.  You should try to make your descent last about 3 seconds per repetition.

Set 1 - 2 reps.
Set 2 - 7 reps.
Set 3 - 5 reps.
Set 4 - 5 reps.
Set 5 - Exactly 7 reps.

Rest approximately two minutes between sets.

Group 2

This group will do unassisted strict pull-ups as follows:

Set 1 - 6 reps.
Set 2 - 8 reps.
Set 3 - 6 reps.
Set 4 - 6 reps.
Set 5 - Max. reps. (Min 8)

Rest approximately two minutes between sets.

This program will follow our regular strength cycle for the next three weeks.  It will be scheduled on various days so if you aren't at class on the day it is schedule please make sure to get your sets on your own some time that week.

We will retest on the fourth week following this cycle.


For Time:
Thruster 95/65#

Why strict pull-ups?






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