February Programming Rundown

For the month of February, there is less conditioning “testing" because we will be starting 5-weeks of “competition” with the BRAVE Games. If we are not careful, you can burn out quickly from the increase in intensity you'll inevitably experience.

Max effort strength work will remain consistent and is an excellent segue into the Open to ensure we are maintaining neuromuscular efficiency. Because the volume is low, the risk of combining with higher intensity work is negligible.

We'll be testing important lifts like the Power Clean and Sumo Deadlift, and we’ll also have the chance to perform some repetition work with heavy back squats EMOM style. Lastly, we’ll test a 3RM Overhead Squat, and even though we don’t perform these as often because of their low trainability, you will likely have improved because we’ve worked on balance and stability through unilateral special exercises (extra credit).

Once the CrossFit Open (BRAVE Games) begins, all higher-threshold work will be front-loaded toward the beginning of the week. Once the workouts are released, Friday's will be "prI will program Saturday’s workout, which will be determined by the movement patterns and nature of the Open workout from the day before.

February Benchmarks

Max Effort Lower

1) Overhead Squat: 3RM

2) Power Clean 1RM

3) Back Squat: Heavy 1 + EMOM

4) Sumo Deadlift: 1RM

Max Effort Upper

1) Shoulder Press: 1RM

2) Row/Tricep Superset

3) Floor Press: 1RM

4) Strict Pull-up Max

5) Strict Chin-up Max

6) Push-up Max

7) HSPU Max

Dynamic Effort Lower

1) Front Box Squat

Conditioning Benchmarks

1) Deadball V2

2) Rolling Stone

3) Mr. Clean

4) Uncle Buck

5) Karen

6) 18.1